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    New opportunities for the cleaning sector

    The Internet of Things creates new opportunities for the cleaning sector. With the help of smart sensors that measure how a building is used, it becomes possible to use data-based cleaning methods. What are the benefits of this, exactly? In this article, we discuss three things that will change when you adopt data-driven cleaning.

    1. Smarter deployment of cleaning staff

    Data-driven cleaning allows cleaning staff to do their jobs more efficiently. Instead of structuring their day based on feeling or routine, they can rely on data regarding the building's usage. Rather than inspect each area to see if it needs cleaning, they can simply get this information from the data. For cleaners, it will put a stop to unnecessary activities. They can do their job in a more flexible and smarter manner, based on how a building is actually being used.

    2. Increased satisfaction and a better experience for a building's users

    Nothing is more annoying for a building's users than entering a meeting room and seeing yesterday's coffee stains on the table or walking into a toilet with no toilet paper. Data-driven cleaning allows cleaners to know exactly which areas need cleaning and which do not. This means they can spend more time in the areas that are frequently used and skip rooms that no one has entered. The result: a consistently clean building and increased satisfaction and a better experience for its users!

    3. Effective management of cleaning staff

    A direct benefit of data-driven cleaning for facility managers is that they can effectively manage cleaning operations based on data. Arguments concerning the more efficient use of cleaning staff can be backed up with data, which greatly strengthens your position. Perhaps you need to scale up cleaning activities on days that the building is heavily used, while scaling down on days that there are fewer users. If you have some time left, you can take on other tasks, such as periodical activities or hospitality-related tasks. You can back all this up with data regarding the building's usage and optimise your cleaning operations.

    Data-driven cleaning with Beyond Eyes

    With data, you can make the cleaning activities in your building smarter. Beyond Eyes makes this possible. With the help of smart sensors, Beyond Eyes gathers data about how your building is being used. This grants you insight into which areas (do not) need cleaning. BE Clean, Beyond Eyes’ cleaning app, shows cleaners how to optimally clean the building via a tablet. This app also shows users what activities are needed: vacuum cleaning, dusting or nothing at all, for example. Cleaning staff can also use the app to easily submit reports or register any issues they encounter on their route. This allows them to do their job in a completely different and far more efficient manner. In other words: Beyond Eyes helps you optimise the cleaning activities in your building.

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