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    Bring out the best in your employees

    We want our homes to be comfortable, so why not our workspaces too? We spend a ton of time in our work environment. Consequently, it has a major impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. Below, we explain three major benefits of having a comfortable work environment.

    1. Satisfied employees

    Employees feel more comfortable in a pleasant work environment, which boosts their satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more willing to go the extra mile and provide top-quality services. They are critical, helpful and do what is expected of them, all of which helps foster a pleasant atmosphere. To stimulate this, it is important to keep an eye on the level of comfort in your workspaces. Think of e.g. the temperature, CO2 level and the amount of noise inside a building. By monitoring these and other values, you can bring out the best in your employees.

    2. Less unnecessary absenteeism

    In addition to having an impact on the atmosphere in the workplace, a comfortable work environment also reduces absenteeism. Think of the air quality, for example. It contributes to employees’ wellbeing and therefore automatically impacts your staff's absenteeism. Less unnecessary absenteeism leads to a reduction of staff expenses. That is a clear win-win situation!

    3. Increased productivity

    Did you know that a healthy and happy employee is up to 20% more productive, or that employees sleep circa forty-five minutes more, on average, if their workspace has enough natural light? Right. Comfort in the workplace is a key factor in employees’ performances. You may not realise it, but a pleasant work environment can even reduce employees’ stress level. In other words, comfort boosts employees’ wellbeing, which in turn results in increased productivity.

    Comfort in the workplace with Beyond Eyes

    With BE Vital, you gain insight into the temperature, humidity, CO2 level, noise level and light intensity in a given space. The Beyond Eyes comfort sensor shows you whether employees can work under the right conditions in the spaces. With the press of a button, employees can instantly report such issues as a stain on the floor or a broken bulb. BE Vital helps you realise a comfortable and healthy workspace for your building's users.

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