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    Insight into energy management.

    The need to become more sustainable is a common issue for building managers. As a result of global warming, sustainability has become a hot topic among building owners and managers. That should come as no surprise, given that buildings are responsible for 40% of the total volume of CO2 emitted in the Netherlands. It is clear that something must be done, but what are the actual benefits of a sustainable and energy-efficient building?

    #1 Lower energy costs

    Without building owners realising it, many buildings are not performing optimally. At the same time, they are missing out on considerable potential savings with regard to energy consumption. There is no need for that. You can use data to gain insight into your building's energy management. This allows the business to make specific changes to increase the building's sustainability and energy efficiency. The result: lower energy costs.

    #2 Lower CO2 emission levels

    In this day and age, the climate is an issue that no business can afford to ignore. Nevertheless, there are many offices where lights are left on at the end of the day. That is not good, of course. With better insight into your building's energy consumption, you can also discover what floors make (excessive) use of electricity. This leads to lower CO2 emission levels and more awareness among employees. Besides being financially beneficial, it also allows your business to do its part for a better climate.

    #3 Increased comfort

    What many building owners and users fail to realise is that energy-efficient buildings are also more comfortable. Think of e.g. proper insulation, blinds and user-centric installations for heating, cooling and lighting. A good work climate results in more satisfied and healthier employees, which in turn leads to less absenteeism and higher productivity.

    Better energy performance on the work floor

    BE Energized provides insight into your building's energy performance. The Beyond Eyes energy sensor measures the energy consumption of your building as a whole, as well as that of individual floors, areas and/or installations. This gives you a clear overview of the actual energy flows in your building and insight into areas where energy is being wasted. With this information, you can realise savings and take measures to make your building more sustainable. Last but not least, BE Energized creates a more comfortable work environment for users. In other words: a clear win-win situation!

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