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    It's a wrap! On June 24, the webinar "Making the new way of working successful" went live. During this webinar you could learn everything about the latest facility trends and developments, we took you through how you can apply this within your organization, and customers told inspiring practical examples from the healthcare- and office branch. In this way we prepared you for working in the future in just one hour.

    Sustainability at number one

    The webinar was kicked off by Froukje Terpstra, advisor and researcher at TwynstraGudde. Froukje took you through the top 3 facility trends of 2021 and told you everything about what the new way of working will look like according to research. Themes such as sustainability, workplace environment and vitality and health are central in 2021 and sustainability in particular is expected to receive even more attention in the future. What do organizations want to achieve by focusing on sustainability? For example, Froukje said that no less than 84.3% of the organizations want to make a positive contribution to society. Organizations are currently focusing on operational matters such as reducing residual waste and the reuse of materials (79.5%) and reducing energy consumption in housing and offices (73.2%).

    The most notable increase is the focus on workplace environments, both in the office and at home. “Now is the time to properly position facility management and housing,” says Froukje. More than 70% of the organizations indicate that they want to find a better connection with the way of working in the organization, about 60% want to add flexibility and 40% of the organizations indicate that they want to make more efficient use of spaces. And last but not least, vitality and health are more important than ever. For example, 38% of the facility organizations that focus on this indicate that they want to improve the health of their employees. After all, a healthy employee is a satisfied and productive employee.

    Building Happy People

    After Froukje Terpstra, the word was given to Jeroen Groenen, manager at Beyond Eyes. How can you best anticipate these trends and developments? How do you make the new way of working in your organization successful? “Our advice from Beyond Eyes: take care of the transition and monitor the transition. Data can be enormously helpful in that case,” says Jeroen. Beyond Eyes is a data-driven service that has the mission to facilitate a smart, safe and healthy working environment for everyone. We achieve this through the combination of smart technology, data, advice and implementation. Our services are the smart eyes of your building. We see where to clean, which rooms are occupied, where to optimize the air quality and where to save energy. In this way we facilitate a smart, healthy and safe building that contributes to the objectives of your organization, the happiness of the people who work and stay in it and ultimately to a more sustainable world. “That is what Beyond Eyes does and what we stand for: Building Happy People,” says Jeroen. Below you will find a brief overview of the various services of Beyond Eyes and the process we facilitate:

    • BE Equipped: A safe and well-equipped (working) environment that matches the activities, so that employees can work more efficiently and effectively.
    • BE Vital: A healthy building with a comfortable climate contributes to the vitality of everyone. Absence down, satisfaction up. Just like the performance.
    • BE Energized: A (working) environment that uses energy sustainably and responsibly through active energy management and savings.
    • BE Clean: A data-driven view on cleaning and keeping clean. BE Clean provides digital insight into cleaning activities and the building (use).

    Rehabilitation Center Roessingh

    The fact that vitality and health are an important theme today also became apparent in the last part of the webinar: the table discussion. In addition to Froukje and Jeroen, Erik Boswinkel, director of Real Estate at the Roessingh Rehabilitation Center, also joined. Erik, for example, said that they have installed Beyond Eyes' comfort sensors to provide insight into the temperature, humidity and CO2 content in rooms. If the values ​​do not meet the requirements, an alarm is issued to the administrator and the values ​​can be adjusted immediately. This ensures a healthy and safe working environment not only for patients, but also for employees. Roessingh also facilitates healthier food in the restaurant, cleaning is perfectly arranged and the sports facilities on site are also made available for its employees after working hours. Erik states, “As a company, you have to set a good example yourself.” Jeroen adds: “If you take good care of your staff, your staff will also take good care of you”.

    In addition, a housing issue regularly played a role at Roessingh. After signals of a shortage of spaces and the need for expansion, the occupancy rate and utilization were mapped using the Beyond Eyes occupancy sensors. What turned out to be the case? In practice, the use of the rooms turned out to be less frequent than had been assumed. Measuring on demand has thus been able to save high costs and also improve the quality of the working environment.

    All in all, we look back with pride on a successful and instructive webinar with more than 140 registrations. We would like to thank everyone who attended.

    Want to watch the webinar? This can be done via the recording below.

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