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    Living room sessions

    'Smart & Adaptive Buildings', that is the theme that was central during this event. In the context of this theme, we organized eight well-attended living room sessions and took a select group into our world of Building Happy People. We told you how you can best connect workplaces to the new way of working and how you can design it smartly, sustainably and efficiently. We also discussed how you can guarantee the vitality and health of your employees and how you can create a building that uses energy in a sustainable and responsible manner. The dialogue with visitors and the large number of questions showed that these topics are more topical than ever. Today, many organizations are still looking for ways to facilitate a safe and healthy building. This is regardless of whether an organization is committed to hybrid working or a full return. It was therefore very interesting and instructive to learn how different organizations have different issues about these topics.


    In addition to our living room sessions, we have also welcomed many visitors to our stand. Visitors varying from building managers, property managers, facility managers, HR managers, but also various students from relevant courses came by. We provided them with a demonstration of our dashboard and reservation module and answered interesting questions. All in all, we can look back on a successful event.

    Missed this event? Or do you have a question? Make an appointment to discuss your questions in the field of smart, sustainable and healthy working environments.

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