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    On the 9th of February, Heijmans, BeSense and CSU, led by Rens de Jong (BNR), presented a smart approach for the working environment of the future. The highlight: the launch of Beyond Eyes. An all-in-one solution for smart building management. In the afternoon of this special day you have learned everything about the different services that Beyond Eyes offers.

    Hoe duurzaam en gezond is jouw gebouw?

    In the second part of the afternoon program, the services BE Vital and BE Energized were discussed. In the BE Vital keynote, Jeroen Groenen took a closer look at the indoor climate of buildings. The right (working) conditions increase the well-being of building users and are therefore powerful catalysts for an increase in output and a decrease in absenteeism. During the session, the participants were asked whether absenteeism was a KPI in their management reports. This turned out to be the case for 81%. It also emerged that vitality is not a KPI in the management report for 87% of the participants, despite research showing that 20% of absenteeism complaints are due to an unhealthy indoor climate. Jeroen therefore wondered why we are no longer focusing on health. After all, we all want to create a satisfied stay for our building users.

    Maarten Nijhoff took over and introduced BE Energized: a service that focuses on making buildings more sustainable and energy-efficient. The climate crisis is more important than ever. Worldwide, we are experiencing the effects of the large amounts of greenhouse gases that disrupt the climate. In the Netherlands too. It is now the case that 40% of CO₂ emissions are caused by the built environment. During the session, Maarten showed how BE Energized contributes to this by providing insight into the energy consumption of buildings. With this you not only realize savings and a comfortable environment for building users, but also a future and responsible environment where everyone stays. His message: By starting small, you can contribute to something big.

    The afternoon session was concluded by a round table discussion in which Jeroen Groenen (BE Vital), Maarten Nijhoff (BE Energized) and Marije te Kulve (Consultant BBA Indoor Environment) joined in. During the session, the urgency of BE Vital and BE Energized was discussed and the synergy between the two different services. For example, Jeroen Groenen said: "You can start working on vitality values ​​and at the same time increase the energy bill enormously, but that is not entirely desirable. The same from energy. You can realize enormous energy savings by turning off the heating, but then you have other comfort problems. "

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    Curious about what was discussed during the morning program? You can read that here.

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