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    On February 9th, Heijmans, BeSense and CSU, led by Rens de Jong (BNR), presented a smart approach for the working environment of the future. The highlight: the launch of Beyond Eyes. A total solution for smart building management. In the afternoon of this special day you learned everything about the different services that Beyond Eyes has to offer.

    A suitable working environment and more insight for more effective cleaning

    The first part of the afternoon program focused on the BE Equipped and BE Clean services. In the BE Equipped keynote, Jeroen Groenen explained why a suitable working environment is so relevant to the activities of the building users. Especially in times of COVID-19, but also in future work. 42% of the viewers of this session said they almost know what is being done with housing after COVID-19, but are also still researching this. Jeroen's message was therefore: there is not one ready-made solution, not one course that you have to take as an organization. Continuously monitor how the building is used and respond to it.

    After BE Equipped it was BE Clean's turn. During the keynote, Marise Pieters and Tjerk Oostra went deeper into the use of the building by linking this to cleaning, thereby realizing a data-driven view of cleaning and keeping it clean. During the session it turned out that 95% of the participants see a connection between the presence of facility services and the employee happiness in the organization. Nevertheless, for 48% of the participants, the facility processes are not yet geared to the building use. The goal of Marise and Tjerk? Creating awareness that data-driven cleaning contributes to the efficiency and happiness of building users through an optimal experience.

    The first part of the afternoon was concluded by a round table meeting in which Jeroen Groenen (BE Equipped), Marise Pieters (BE Clean), Tjerk Oostra (BE Clean) and Chantal den Boer (Interior Architect at DerksdenBoer) joined. The synergy between the two different BE services and why they are also relevant after COVID-19 was discussed in more detail. "The fact is that we are now working from home en masse. That was a pretty abrupt decision. We have seen the benefits and people may also continue to work from home in the future. What are you going to do with your building? By monitoring it, you know. you it." According to Jeroen Groenen.

    Watch our video

    Curious about what was discussed during the morning program? You can read it here.

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