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    Respond to the latest developments in time

    New technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for innovation. Smart Buildings and artificial intelligence are more and more common. But how do you, as a facility professional, respond to this development in time and where do the opportunities and challenges lie for your organization? What is really important and what are the benefits? And perhaps more importantly, how can you use technology to match the performance of the building with the wishes of the end user?

    During the 2nd edition of the Smart Buildings event on December 8 Beyond Eyes - as a founding partner - takes you into the world of making buildings smarter and more efficient. That is better for people, organizations and the environment. An immense amount of data is collected, based on the occupation and utilization of your building to ensure the well-being of the people who work and stay in it. But how do you do that? And how does COVID-19 affect this? Thomas Thunnissen, Jeroen Groenen, Maarten Nijhoff and Tjerk Oostra will explain everything about smart buildings.

    During the Smart Buildings event you will gain insight into the possibilities of smart technology in buildings, what it requires from your organization, where the opportunities lie ahead and what the lessons learned are from other organizations that have already made their building smarter. Sign up? That's possible over here.

    This is what you can expect from the event:

    • The latest technological developments in digitization, AI and IoT.
    • Insight into how you can use technology to better connect the building and services to the wishes of the end user.
    • Leading organizations share their experiences and lessons learned.
    • Practical applicability of new technologies.
    • Insight into what is really important in the field of Smart Buildings and what it delivers.

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