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    Beyond Eyes' vision on the new way of working and sustainable use of buildings? We told it in the Doe Maar Duurzaam program on RTLZ.

    The new way of working has completely changed the function of the office. Where previously the focus was on 'working effectively', the emphasis is now on 'being able to meet each other'. In many cases, this requires a different interpretation and layout of existing work environments. More and more organizations are therefore looking for a safe, healthy and sustainable way to enable the new way of working for now, but also for the near future.

    This can be achieved by focusing on smart building management. Beyond Eyes facilitates smart building management based on an integral bundling of smart services in the field of occupation and utilization, vitality, energy and cleaning, supported by technology and specialists. Beyond Eyes is a unique partnership that consists of an ecosystem with various partners, each of whom are experts in their own field. In this way we can achieve your objectives together with our partners.

    “Everyone has the right to a safe, healthy and efficient work environment.”

    The dynamics of each building are made transparent with smart building management. This insight makes it possible to design buildings in such a way that they match the activities that take place in buildings. Monitoring the use of the building also offers the possibility to change with future wishes, needs and activities within the building. In this way, Beyond Eyes facilitates the sustainable deployability of buildings.

    Curious about the entire broadcast on RTLZ? The video can be found below.

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