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    Beyond Eyes and Arrangegroup join forces.

    Beyond Eyes and Arrangegroup have joined forces. Together? Indeed! Although both parties measure the occupancy rate and the workspace activity in office environments, they each have their own unique approach. We want to explain to you why a physical occupancy scan and sensoring are not mutually exclusive, but can actually complement each other quite well.

    Occupancy scan

    Perhaps you are already familiar with a physical occupancy scan. Perhaps you are a facility manager and used such a scan to map out the actual occupancy and utilisation of your workspaces. Did you encounter complaints about your housing and/or workspace policy? Did you face a challenge that involved an expansion or reduction of the available square footage? Did you ask yourself whether the workspaces adequately supported the activities conducted there? Perhaps you recently underwent an occupancy scan and had someone walking through your department ever hour for several weeks. Rest assured: this scan is certainly not designed to check how hard you were working. The researcher was simply checking each workspace to see if it was occupied and how it was being used.


    It is ten in the morning on a Tuesday. A group of colleagues wants to hold an impromptu meeting and is looking for an available room in which to do so. However, all rooms are already booked. Being the facility manager, you then have to listen to their complaints. Does that sound familiar? Beyond Eyes offers you real-time insight into the occupancy of a building and combines reservation data with the actual occupancy rate. Next, we will look for solutions together to optimise the use of the available spaces. This will allow you to make agreements with your employees about the days on which they can hold meetings or the conditions that apply to reserving meeting rooms.

    In addition to a shortage of meeting rooms, a lack of workspaces is another common complaint. The obvious solution would be to simply create more workspaces. What if there were a better way?

    Beyond Eyes constantly measures the actual occupancy and utilisation of a building. For example, it is all too common for people to occupy workspaces for hours on end, even though they spend all their time in meetings. Together, we will look for ways to actively focus on how people use workspaces. In most cases, there will be no need to create more workspaces. With an average cost of €3,000 per workspace, not having to add another five to ten workspaces saves you a ton of money.

    The key to our success? The Beyond Eyes presence sensors anonymously measure whether there are any people present in a given space. This gives you insight into how these spaces are used and lets you know whether your building is being used optimally. Who knows; a few modifications to the layout might allow people to work more efficiently and make smarter use of your building!

    Versus or with each other?

    The latter, if you ask us! A physical occupancy scan by Arrangegroup offers some initial insights and gives you a solid foundation of facts that you can use to discuss the issue with your stakeholders. In general, this is usually enough to rack up a few quick wins. Awareness of how the available workspaces are used is often enough to get a building's users to look at activities and workspaces from a new perspective. What follow-up steps can you take? With Beyond Eyes’ sensoring service, you get continuous insight into the occupancy and utilisation of your building. This means you can take immediate action in the event of over- or understaffing for optimal efficiency.

    Would you like to know more about Beyond Eyes’ other services or Arrange Consultancy's Occupancy Scan? Take a look at our page How Beyond Eyes works or visit the website of Arrangegroup.

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