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    The new version of the online dashboard now gives you even more insight into energy data. In this way we optimally match your energy consumption to the actual use of the property.

    Energy is playing an increasingly important role in business environments. Organizations depend on it, but are also obliged by the government to reduce consumption. To get a grip on the required energy savings, the energy data must be collected, analysed, reported and compared with previous periods.

    Beyond Eyes supports you in this, by continuously monitoring your energy consumption and comparing it with your historical data, you can see your reduction in real time. However, we often see that the reduction is not sufficient to meet the obligation or objectives, this is often caused by incorrect settings of the climate systems. To help you gain insight into these common wastes and then eliminate them, we've added some charts to the dashboard. You can also use this when preparing your Energy Registration and Monitoring Report (EBS).

    New features

    More charts have been added in the latest version of the online dashboard. For example, in addition to showing consumption, savings and baselines, it is now possible to view more detailed data. This makes analyzing and adjusting your climate system a lot easier. These new graphs are summarized point by point for you below:

    • Week overview

      In the dashboard it is possible to overlay the consumption of the different days of the week. In this way you gain insight into the mutual consumption of the different days of the week and you can estimate whether the energy consumption is appropriate for your business activities and opening hours.

    • Holidays

      Many organizations and company buildings are closed during public holidays. Through our updated overview you can easily see whether your organization actually uses less energy during these holidays. Is the installation still running, or is the consumption equal to your weekend consumption and you do not need to take any further action

    • Energy profile

      By comparing the energy consumption per hour against the outside temperature, you gain insight into the pattern of your gas consumption. Do you actually use more when it gets colder or can your heating system not handle extreme temperatures? Is there ever cooling and heating at the same time? This overview makes it easy to understand these matters and you can take action.

    If you do not have the right domain knowledge to interpret the energy graphs, you can always look at our BE Energized Pro and Premium services. An energy expert will help you interpret the graphs and take appropriate actions.

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