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    It is mentioned everywhere: the role of the office is about to change. More working from home, more flexible working hours and more online, while coming together remains important, according to studies by PWC, McKinsey and Deloitte. Are you also investigationg how you can manage this in your office, education or healthcare? How you can facilitate available workplaces and meeting rooms and safe meetings? Beyond Eyes can help you to realize this all. Together with Heijmans and CSU, we deploy smart techniques and give employees the confidence that a workplace is available, safe and clean. All facilitated with our advanced app.

    How does the app work?

    The app provides insight into the availability of rooms and workplaces for employees. This makes it possible to reserve a safe workplace, one that is not soiled and at an appropriate distance of 1.5 meters. It is possible to see for each room and workplace whether it meets the desired facilities, such as a desired date, time or floor. In addition, it is possible to view the capacity of rooms and any necessities, such as a whiteboard. By means of the colors green (available), orange (recently occupied) and red (occupied), the recent activities per room or workplace are displayed.

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    Nieuwe features

    More features have been added in the latest version of the app. For example, in addition to viewing and reserving rooms and workplaces, nowadays it also possible to reserve transport, register visitors and make reports. This makes a safe and comfortable stay at the office, in education or healthcare even easier. These new features are summarized below:

    • Reserve transport
      In the app it is possible to view and reserve various transport facilities. An organization itself determines which transport options are offered, for example the use of (shared) cars and bicycles, and the numbers per transport option. Employees can select a desired date and time.
    • Check-in visitors
      From now on it is also possible to register visitors. Both the name and the organization of the visitor can be indicated, but also the date, arrival time and the type of visitor pass. This allows an even better overview of who is in the building.
    • Make reports
      To make a report, you can filter by building and floor. Subsequently, a report can be made per room or workplace. For example, you can report a full trash can or a whiteboard that is not functioning properly. It is also possible to choose a category to which the report falls and to add a description or photo. In this way, the building remains clean, safe and properly functioning at all times.

    Curious about how the app works? You can see that in the demo below.

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