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    After the launch at the beginning of this year, Beyond Eyes is now strengthening its partnership with partner bba indoor environment. Beyond Eyes is a unique partnership with various knowledge experts, of which bba indoor environment has been one since its launch. bba indoor environment is specialized in creating a healthy indoor environment and its effects on people. Their specialism includes themes such as indoor air quality, thermal indoor climate and light.

    Healthy workplace is hot topic

    We hear it everywhere in the news: the infections are rising considerably and the cabinet also advised in the most recent press conference to work completely from home again, unless there really is no other option. And when employees are allowed to come to the office, it is very important that they can work in an environment where the indoor climate is safe and healthy. This means that rooms must be well ventilated, the indoor temperature is pleasant and where germs have as little chance of survival and spread as possible. In addition to monitoring and providing insight into comfort, it is important that energy is used efficiently. After all, the many climate marches and climate summit in Glasgow all confirm the same thing: it has to be more sustainable. Creating and monitoring work environments that are healthy, sustainable and comfortable at the same time is therefore a more topical theme than ever. An integrated approach is required to make progress on all fronts.

    BE Vital

    How Beyond Eyes realizes these healthy, sustainable and comfortable working environments together with bba indoor environment? By cleverly bundling data and expertise. Within the BE Vital service, for example, an integral look is taken at the experience of all building users, the data from comfort sensors and the building and the installations.

    “Strengthening and expanding the partnership with bba indoor environment is the next great step within Beyond Eyes' services. The insights of Beyond Eyes and bba together form an excellent synergy for creating healthy, sustainable and comfortable working environments. By joining forces, we can not only provide insight into problems, solve them and reduce complaints for our customers, but above all also create truly healthier and comfortable workplaces that contribute to the vitality of employees," says Jeroen Groenen (manager Beyond Eyes).

    The feedback tool of bba indoor environment (the Healthy Building Index tool) is used to map the experiences of building users about indoor environment aspects such as temperature, light, sound and air quality. In addition, during a building survey, we map out the state and layout of the building and the installations, looking at both the impact on comfort and energy. Using comfort sensors, we monitor whether building users can stay and work under the right conditions. Combining these insights leads to concrete improvement proposals, which we can implement directly in the relevant buildings if desired. In this way, you facilitate a building that is in line with the activities and needs within the building at all times during the term of the agreement.

    “The energy transition offers opportunities to also improve the indoor environment in buildings. With BE Vital, both the comfort and energy presentations can be made transparent and improved, whereby the experiences of the users are also taken into account”, says Atze Boerstra (director BBA indoor environment).

    Do you feel the need to furnish your office in a healthy, comfortable and sustainable way? We will arrange it for you together with our knowledge expert bba indoor environment!

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