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    "We should take a different approach" is a frequently heard statement from building managers. But How? How do you assure your building users of a safe, healthy and sustainable building? In this article we will give you 3 applicable tips.

    #3 Sustainability: it has to be different, but how?

    Do you know how your building handles energy? What are the energy-guzzling devices and installations? What about the electricity bill? A building that deals with energy consumption sustainably and responsibly: it is only happening slowly. This while providing insight into the energy consumption in a building is not that complicated at all.

    Thanks to our smart energy sensors, the total energy consumption per building, floor or large energy consumer can be mapped. Providing insight into energy flows ensures that energy consumption can be aligned with the actual use of the building. This not only saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions, but also leads to a lower energy bill.

    Curious about how we have realized a safe, healthy and sustainable building at Aegon? You can see it in the video below.

    #1 End user central: technology alone is a means

    “How great would it be if you could ensure that employees can work in a safe, efficient, sustainable, but also comfortable environment?” says Walther Huyzen, director of Facilities and Services at Aegon. And that is exactly what Beyond Eyes believes in: putting building users first. After all, they are the power behind every organization. Walther agrees: “I want data to help our buildings talk, to show that there is added value from technology, but also to meet a need for employees who use it in our buildings. ”

    Focusing on building users has a positive effect. For example, they are more satisfied, more productive and more vital if they can stay in a smart building that is tailored to the wishes, needs and activities that take place there. Beyond Eyes makes this possible by providing insight into which rooms are occupied, where to clean, where to optimize air quality and how to save energy. In addition to sensor data, this also includes the experience of building users through a feedback tool. “Technology is therefore a means that ensures that users of buildings are facilitated in the right way. That's what you do it for in the end," said Walther.

    #2 Indoor climate: more important than ever

    More than ever, the corona pandemic has shifted the focus to vitality and health. Facilitating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate plays an important role in this. Ton Fleuren, director of Business Development at Heijmans, explains: “We know that there are more and more fine particles, pollen and the like in the air that are not good for people. It is therefore important that ventilation is done inside buildings.” This can be done by placing sensors that monitor or building users can stay and work under the right conditions. Not only by measuring the temperature, but also the humidity and CO2 content in rooms. This was also applied at Aegon: “We use the smart sensors in such a way that we don't get any climate complaints and people have a good feeling with regard to sound, light, CO2 and oxygen. Data helps us enormously with this, even before the building user gets involved,” says Walther.

    Watch our video

    *Shots from the video were partly before and during the corona pandemic. During the pandemic, the one and a half meter distance guideline has of course been taken into account.

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