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    What is the future of your (business) building? This article discusses the changing future of housing. What are the expectations for your work environment and how can you respond to them? Beyond Eyes helps you to make the right, data-driven choice.

    The future of the office is changing

    The office will be the central meeting place where colleagues come together, but where at the same time the facilities should be present to work in silence, digitally or together. To achieve this, it is important to get an overview of how a building is used. BE Equipped makes it possible to measure the occupancy and utilization of working environments by means of smart sensors. Besides, a feedback tool provides insight into the actual experiences and needs of all users. This allows work environments to be designed according to the principle of "activity based working". This means that the work environment is designed in such a way that it matches the activities that are taking place there. This principle also makes it possible to make statements about the possible disposal of buildings. This is because the more efficient design of the work environment offers the opportunity to use fewer square meters. In this way, high costs can be saved.

    Integrated services

    The integrated services of Beyond Eyes also offer the possibility to further implement the redefinition of a work environment to, for example, responsible and sustainable energy use (BE Energized), increasing the vitality of the end users (BE Vital) and data-driven cleaning (BE Clean). This way you can prepare your building for the new way of working of the future.

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