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    Beyond Eyes helps you create a socially distant work environment in your building.

    Insight into available workspaces and safe routes

    Because of the requirement to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres, there are fewer workspaces per room, which makes it even more important to have good insight into the available workspaces in each room or on each floor. In many large buildings, such as universities, that insight is not available. By equipping workspaces with smart sensors, you can create insight into the real-time occupancy of the building. You can then share this insight with users via an app, desktop or display.

    In addition to maintaining a safe distance of 1.5 metres between workspaces, the routing through the building itself must also be modified accordingly. With the help of sensor technology, you can provide insight into safe routes on a floor plan in order to help people maintain a safe distance from their colleagues. Furthermore, you can use the historical data to determine whether the minimum safe distance of 1.5 metres is being maintained. It goes without saying that this technology safeguards the privacy of employees completely.

    A hygienic workspace

    As everyone knows by now, proper hygiene is even more important than usual these days. It is therefore important to tailor your professional cleaning services accordingly. This does not necessarily involve scaling up your cleaning operations; instead, it is better to clean more strategically. Once again, smart sensors can help by providing insight into how a building is being used. After all, it would be a waste of time to clean areas that have not been used, while heavily used areas could do with an extra round of cleaning.

    Furthermore, you can introduce tools that allow users to operate commonly used objects without actually touching them. For example, CSU has developed a 3D-printed tool in the form of a hook (see image above) that you can hang on your belt loop and use to operate door handles, faucets, vending machines and coffee machines.

    Circulating fresh and clean air

    In addition to having a safe workspace and taking proper hygiene measures, it is important to create a healthy indoor climate in your building. Many buildings are equipped with a ventilation system, but most of these systems do little more than extract air from an office space, filter it and then circulate the same air throughout the building. This so-called recirculation method can easily spread the virus throughout the entire building. It is important to change the settings of these systems to ensure they only circulate fresh and clean air.

    In the end, various factors must be taken into account to create a safe, healthy and efficient work environment in a building. The aforementioned measures include a combination of hygiene tools, climate technology and insight into a building's usage. These and other measures are essential in order to create a socially distant environment in a building and prepare it for the future.

    Do you need help with your preparations?

    Our strength lies in the connection between existing services and proven results. We can jump in rapidly, switch on the fly and provide our services quickly. People's safety is not something to experiment with. That is why we are happy to offer our help, knowledge, expertise and practical abilities to businesses and organisations that are looking to create a safe work environment for their building's users. Feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice or discover more on our special BE Safe page.

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