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    Complete insight into your building at a single glance

    A group of colleagues wants to hold an impromptu meeting and is looking for an available room in which to do so. However, all rooms are already booked. Being the facility manager, you then have to listen to their complaints. Under- and overstaffing are the biggest concerns of many facility managers. With the help of data, Beyond Eyes gives you insight into how spaces are being used and whether the building is being used optimally and correctly, even during these times of social distancing. To make it even easier to get the most out of these data, we have introduced heat maps. What is a heat map exactly and what can you do with it? Hugo, Product Owner at Beyond Eyes, explains this below.

    The origin

    “Data, data and more data. Our sensors generate a wealth of useful information, which allows you to find out exactly where in your building things are going well (or not so well) in terms of occupancy and utilisation,” Hugo says. “In practice, however, it is often difficult for facility managers to quickly find out where a problem occurs. This gave rise to a desire to be able to zoom in specifically on whatever is going well or not so well. That is why we introduced the heat map, which allows you to see at a glance how the occupancy and utilisation of the building are related. On the one hand, you have all the data available to you. On the other hand, you can instantly identify problems using the heat map and respond accordingly.”

    How do you use the heat map?

    “The image above is an example of our heat map, which offers a visual representation of your building's occupancy. The legend helps you make sense of what you see. From left to right, the colours represent the occupancy rate. One thing to note is that e.g. the colour blue does not mean that a part of the building was not used at all during a given period. After all, it could also be caused by low occupancy. What values are (un)acceptable differs per situation and per organisation. We offer a solution for that: the legend lets you customise the threshold values yourself (see the image below). This means you can personalise your heat map based on your demands and your building's usage.”

    The age of social distancing

    “Even during the corona crisis, it is important to have insight into the occupancy and utilisation of your building. Because of social distancing, there are fewer workspaces per room, which will make it even more important to have good insight into the available workspaces in each room or on each floor. Together with Heijmans and CSU Cleaning Services, we use smart technology and offer advice so employees can rest easy in the knowledge that a workspace is available, safe and clean. We do this by e.g. equipping workspaces with smart sensors. The resulting insights can then be shared with users via an app, desktop or monitor. The best thing about this service is that it also allows users to reserve workspaces and/or rooms when they need them.”

    Download the “returning to work safely” infographic (PDF)

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