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    With the Beyond Eyes reservations-app, we provide building users with insight into free (work) places via a user app and the option to reserve them. Thanks to the very user-friendly and intuitive operation, every building user can reserve a workplace via mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Super handy to make the return to the office go smoothly and safely.

    Beyond Eyes is continuously working on further optimizing the reservations-app, whereby the input of our customers is very important to us. Thanks in part to them, we have made a number of handy changes to the reservations-app that you probably do not know yet.

    #1 Easily see where your colleague is

    Do you enjoy sitting near your colleague? From now on you have the option to see where he or she has already reserved a workplace. The condition is that your colleague has this functionality "on". Because you are in control of this new feature: you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to be found by your colleagues. You can easily turn it on and off yourself, as you can see in the video. Finding colleagues is super simple: you click on the search function, type the name of your colleague and if he or she has already reserved a workplace, you will see it immediately on your screen. This is explained in more detail in the video below.

    Watch our video

    #2 Easily adjust your workplace reservation made

    Convenience serves people! Have you made a workplace reservation and do you want to change it because you want to use the place for a shorter or longer period of time? No problem. From now on you can easily adjust these. To do this, go to “My reservations”, click on “edit” and make your change. Don't forget to click on "save" last. Et voila!

    #3 Always the latest version

    As mentioned, Beyond Eyes is continuously working on improvements to the reservations-app. If there is a new version you will receive a notification on your screen. If you click on it, the latest version will automatically be loaded and you can get started right away. This way you are always assured of the latest and improved functionalities.

    #4 Convenient reservation via your mobile

    You can reserve your workplace in various ways. Via a laptop, desktop, but also via your mobile phone.

    Open Google Chrome on your mobile
    1) Go to the site:
    2) You will immediately receive the notification to install the app on your phone
    3) The reservation can start.

    #5 Also in English

    Did you know that our reservations-app is also available in English? You can easily change the language by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen. A window will appear with two flags in it. Click on the English flag and the app is in English. If you click on the Dutch flag again, the app will be in Dutch again.

    Much more…

    We have also recently made changes to the back of the reservations-app. For example, the customer now has the option of choosing to “open up” the findability or to leave this to the individual user. We've also made some minor visual tweaks, such as loading animations when the system is searching for your colleagues.

    Want to know more or have a good idea?

    Would you like more information about using the reservations-app that is already active at your organization? Please contact the Facilities department in your organization. Do you also want to implement the reservations-app in your organization? Please contact our Sales department at or visit our website:

    Do you have a good idea to further improve the functionality of the reservation-app? Send it in to and maybe we'll get started with it. If we start working with your idea, you will receive a nice Beyond Eyes prize!

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