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    “This is the future!”

    Sensors and apps have a major impact on the work done by cleaners. Simply put, they make the job more efficient and more fun. The BE Clean app provides insight into which areas (do not) need cleaning. What does this mean for cleaning staff? Read this article to learn more about the practical impact of these innovations.

    “In the past, I would make the same rounds every day and had no way to report whether an area had already been cleaned. Now, all I have to do is check a box in the app. Look,” Laila shows us her tablet, “these are the areas I cleaned this morning.”

    Optimal cleaning route

    Laila works at cleaning company CSU and is responsible for cleaning the second floor of the company's head office in Uden. It consists of eighteen rooms and several common and meeting areas. All spaces are equipped with Beyond Eyes sensors. These gather data that provide useful insights, e.g. with regard to the occupancy and utilisation of each space. Laila has been using the BE Clean app for a year now. She opens the app every morning before she starts her round through the building. Via her tablet, she can check each area's degree of contamination.

    The app also shows her what activities are needed: vacuum cleaning, dusting or nothing at all, for example. It allows Laila to clean more efficiently and faster and only in the areas that actually need cleaning. She can use the time she saves to take on additional tasks related to hospitality. “I like that,” Laila says. “Sometimes, people ask me to bring them some cups or a pot of coffee. I'm happy to do that, because I feel a sense of responsibility for my department.”

    “I love using the BE Clean app, because it allows me to make better use of my time and schedule tasks more efficiently.”

    More efficient planning

    The cleaning app registers exactly how long it takes a cleaner to clean a certain area. Once the room is clean, Laila checks a box on her tablet's screen. If she finds anything broken, missing or malfunctioning, she can instantly report the problem. She even has the option to include a photograph with her written report. “It is very easy to use. The app also shows which areas are currently occupied. As soon as a room opens up, the app lets me know and I can go there to clean it. It's ideal!” Data concerning the duration of the route, the actual degree of contamination and the reports are all stored, so appropriate actions can be taken. Cleaners can also use the app to indicate how an area looks when they get there. For example, if the sensors indicate that an area is clean but the cleaner sees that it is not, they can give feedback via the app.

    The future

    Laila is very happy about cleaning with the help of sensors and would like to see the app's functionality expand in the future. “For example, when it comes to my extra tasks such as picking up cups and emptying bins. If I can simply check these activities off in the app, I wouldn't have to report them to my contact in the building.”

    All that is left for her to do today is finish her route and check a few more boxes. The system gives her a perfect score for her performance. “This is the future. It makes my work easier and simpler.” What will be the first thing she does when she starts her round anew at seven o’clock tomorrow morning? Open up the BE Clean app.

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