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    The corona virus turned the whole world upside down. Also the business world. After the corona crisis, the office will be given a completely different interpretation and working from home appears to be here to stay. Therefore it is not for nothing that facility managers are changing course today. They are in a continuous search for the best solution for working from home, online meetings and the 1.5 meter office. We will take through the top 3 facility trends for 2021 from the Facility & Workplace Market Research and tell you how our integrated services can help you to respond to these trends.

    1. Durability

    Durability. It is a theme that first appeared at the top of the Dutch facilities and workplace environment two years ago, but has now become the benchmark. Whereas in 2019 55% of all participants in the Facility & Workplace Market Research mentioned sustainability as the most important theme, this percentage is now at 64%. In addition, facility professionals argue that the relevance of this theme will only increase in the future. For example, they predict that in five years 73% of all facility managers will identify sustainability as the most important theme. Such a high percentage has never been mentioned before. So if you don't invest in sustainability, you simply miss the boat. Our BE Energized service can help you to gain insight into the building's energy consumption with the help of smart energy sensors. This allows large energy consumers to be traced and the installations and the building management system can also be tailored to the actual use of the building. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also the associated costs.

    2. Workspace environment

    The most noticeable rise is the focus on workplace environments, both in the office and at home. Where in 2019 only 30% of all facility professionals mentioned this theme, nowadays 57% of them mention it as one of the most important themes and will continue to be so in the coming years. This sharp increase can be explained by COVID-19, in which working from home became the "new normal" and buildings were used considerably less. This requires a new vision for the housing and real estate strategy. BE Equipped helps you with this because it maps the occupancy and utilization of buildings with the help of smart sensors. Thereafter, the data is combined for user feedback. This allows workplaces and spaces to be tailored to the actual activities that take place there. This guarantees optimal use of the building's square meters and saves many costs.

    3. Vitality and health

    In addition to sustainability and workplace environments, vitality and health also play a crucial role. No less than 84% of all facility professionals indicate that they want to improve the health of employees. In addition, 37% of them indicate that they want to improve the quality of housing or services. After all, a building with a healthy and comfortable (work) environment has a positive impact on the well-being of your building users. Facilitating the right conditions increases the well-being, satisfaction and productivity of building users. With our BE Vital service, you can arrange this by using sensors to provide insight into the temperature, humidity and CO2 content of rooms. These data insights are then combined with user feedback from the feedback tool. As a result, it is continuously monitored whether building users can stay and work under the right conditions. In this way we help you to facilitate a good indoor climate in which vital employees are central.

    Curious how our integrated services can help you to respond to one or more of these trends? Feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice.

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