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    Beyond Eyes is more than 'just smart technology'. Therefore, in addition to sensor data, feedback from building users is also included in our services. In this way objective data (from sensors) is combined with subjective data (actual experiences and needs of building users). This makes it possible to obtain an even better picture of the overall use of the building. In this article, we briefly explain why it is important to include building users' feedback, how the feedback tool works and why it is beneficial for you as a facility manager.

    Why is it important to include feedback from building users?

    The building users are the experts by experience. They can tell like no other what is happening in the work environment and where problems arise. Putting building users first not only results in a better understanding of the indoor environment of the working environment, but it also has a positive effect on building users. Every building user is unique, but the feedback tool makes it possible to include the wishes and needs of each individual. As a results, the users of buildings feel heard. In this way we facilitate healthy, safe and well-equipped working environments where every employee wants to stay and work.

    How does the feedback tool work?

    The feedback tool is a short online questionnaire approximately 5 to 10 minutes that is distributed to all building users. It is used in many buildings to map the wishes, needs and complaints of employees. For example, the feedback tool for BE Vital (the Healthy Building Index tool from BBA Binnenmilieu) focuses on indoor environmental aspects, such as light, sound and air quality. On the other hand, BE Equipped's feedback tool focuses on questions about the occupation and utilization of workplaces. Data from the questionnaire is completely anonymous. In order to properly process the feedback per building, you may be asked about the global location of the workplace in the building, for example on which floor. This is to get a good idea of ​​where any problems arise. Based on the results from the feedback tool and the amount of feedback on a particular topic, insight is gained into the experiences of building users and advice is given on possible adjustments for improvements.

    What are the benefits of the feedback tool for a facility manager?

    The use of the feedback tool is very useful for facility managers because it provides a simple insight into where certain indoor environment-related problems occur in the building. This user feedback is then linked to sensor data and building analyzes, providing an even better insight into building use and possible causes of any problems. As a result, buildings can not only be designed in a safer and healthier way, but also more efficiently. The feedback tool can be used for different buildings and in different segments, such as office buildings, education and care institutions. The data from the user feedback can also be compared with the averages of office buildings. By comparing these data, the subjective user experience can be objectified. This provides insight into the improvement potential of the working environment, which serves as a starting point for subsequent steps. For example, advice on properly ventilating workplace environments.

    Curious about how the feedback tool can be used in your building? Then please contact us without any obligations.

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