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    Yes, the comfort sensor has recently received a new feature: a buzzer! How exactly does this buzzer work? You can read it below.

    The comfort sensor still measures the most important values ​​in indoor spaces, namely temperature, humidity and CO2 content. The CO2 content is an important indicator of whether or not there is good ventilation. If too much CO2 is present, there is insufficient ventilation.

    It is then important that the room is equally well ventilated. It is possible for building owners and facility managers to enable in the Dashboard of the App that they would like to receive a notification when a certain CO2 limit value is exceeded. For example, these administrators and managers can take action if the CO2 value is too high, for example by opening a window or door or advising building users for a short coffee break.

    How does the buzzer work?

    In addition to this function, it is now also possible to set a buzzer on the comfort sensor. This buzzer will go off if too high a CO2 value is detected in an indoor space. In addition to the buzzer, there is also a light in the sensor, which turns red when the CO2 value is too high. This can be switched on separately or in combination with the buzzer. The buzzer can be silenced by pressing the push button. Is the CO2 level again too high in a subsequent measurement? Then the buzzer will sound again (and the red light may come on). Do you invest in a healthy and comfortable (working) environment? Then you do not only invest in the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. A comfortable working environment leads to a 10% increase in productivity. Improve your climate on the basis of data, on the spot, on demand. So comfortable.

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