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    We already knew that ventilation is necessary, but a healthy and pleasant indoor climate has become more important nowadays, due to the corona crisis. It is therefore important that the air quality is measured and guaranteed in real time. Measuring CO2 can already offer a simple solution: you can arrange it with Beyond Eyes.

    CO2 in indoor areas

    When many people are in an enclosed space, the oxygen level decreases and the CO2 level increases. This is simply because people breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. A too high CO2 level in a room indicates unhealthy air. This increases the risk of transmitting germs, drowsiness, headache, loss of concentration, nausea or an increased heart rate. Poor air quality is also immediately visible in absenteeism. Annual absenteeism in the Netherlands affects 47% of all employees. This equates to a total loss of 4% of all workable days, or 11.5 billion euros per year. If you invest in a healthy and comfortable (work) environment, you not only invest in the well-being of your building users, but you also save high costs due to illness.

    How does the measuring of CO2 work?

    A CO2 meter measures the CO2 level in a room and detects when a room can best be ventilated. This allows a healthy indoor climate for building users to be created and maintained. It is important that the CO2 meter indicates the PPM (parts per million), or how clean the air is, and can classify levels as unhealthy and healthy. This makes it clear when the indoor climate does not meet the correct CO2 level. After all, a building with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate not only has a positive effect on health, but also increases the energy level and productivity of building users.

    Beyond Eyes goes a step further ...

    With BE Vital you regulate a healthy indoor climate. This can be applied for different buildings and in different segments, such as office buildings, education and care institutions. BE Vital's sensors can measure the CO2 level, but also the temperature and humidity. The data from the sensors is stored and on the basis of that the analyzes are carried out. Based on these analysis trends can be discovered in a good or bad indoor climate. In addition, it is possible to adjust the sensors in such a way that building managers are informed of an incorrect value. In addition to the sensors, feedback from building users can also be included. Therefore, Beyond Eyes goes a step further than a 'normal CO2 meter', which only emits signals of too high a value. Our continuous monitoring and improvement proposals help you to improve the indoor climate, so that every building user can stay and work under the right conditions. Investments in improving the indoor climate usually pays off within 1 year and are therefore extremely profitable.

    A first impression of the vitality of your working environment? Take the Beyond Eyes vitality check!

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