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    Working more vitally with smart technologies? That's what the Workplace Vitality Hub and Beyond Eyes both believe in. Recently, Beyond Eyes has become a proud partner of the Workplace Vitality Hub.

    Smart technologies have a huge impact on our lives. For example, we become more and more physically inactive ('sitting is the new smoking') and being online continuously creates more stress. In short: we are increasingly guided by technology. But what if we turn this around and use digital technologies in a smart and personalized way so that they support a vital lifestyle in our work and work environment?

    "Making healthy behavior sustainable"

    Workplace Vitality Hub

    Both the Workplace Vitality Hub and Beyond Eyes are committed to the sustainable improvement of working people. With its expertise in smart building management and data-driven solutions, Beyond Eyes has recently become a partner in this Workplace Vitality Hub. This together with founding partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, HTCE and Twice. Located in the smart and sustainable building High Tech Campus 85, all partners combine their knowledge, technology and experience to arrive at innovative and effective solutions for a vital working environment. With the help of smart technologies that help us as humans to work and live more vitally.

    For example, Jeroen Groenen (manager Beyond Eyes): “Every day we optimize buildings based on data to create sustainable, safe and healthy working environments. Actively participating and contributing to new and proven innovations that contribute to the vitality of building users, makes the Workplace Vitality Hub a unique partnership for us that should lead to groundbreaking solutions that contribute to our goal; building happy people”

    Living Lab

    Together with other partners from the business community, we research and develop new technologies and their applications in this office building in a real life setting (living lab). The working person and his needs are central to this. With the use of smart, intuitive technologies, we strive to make employees more vital and buildings increasingly healthier. The result? Healthier people, buildings and businesses.

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