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    Today, monday 3 May, is the day: the new court will be opened and the very first session of the court will take place. With a surface area of ​​60,200 m2, ten floors and fifty courtrooms, the Amsterdam District Court offers space for 1,000 court employees and 200 chain partner employees. This requires smart building management. We take a brief look at how Beyond Eyes turned the court in Amsterdam into a futureproof smart building.

    Real-time data sensors guarantee availability

    The availability of the building, including the facilitation of the right facilities, is of utmost importance in this largest court in the Netherlands. To achieve this, the building is equipped with more than 1000 sensors. These smart sensors provide insight into the use and occupancy rate of workplaces, meeting rooms, interrogation rooms, council rooms, inquiry rooms and sanitary facilities. This makes the availability of the building visible and therefore more manageable.

    Via a user app it is possible for court employees to see the availability of workplaces and rooms and make a reservation. In addition, it is also possible to reserve shared bicycles. Building users are thus assured of a (work)place in the building.

    Beeldmateriaal: Fernando Guerra

    A futureproof court building

    The design of the new court allows it to adapt to future developments. For example, the layout of the court rooms can easily be changed. BE Equipped 's smart sensors make it possible to perform analyzes. This allows statements to be made about an efficient layout and effective use of the workplaces and spaces in the new court. Analyzing the reservation data also makes it possible to get a grip on "no shows". In addition, the sensors indicate exactly where to clean at the end of the day, which confidential paper containers can be emptied and where additional maintenance is required. It is also possible to forward reports of malfunctions to the facility team. By applying this smart building solution from Beyond Eyes, the court can offer availability, routing and security of a (work) place with the right facilities day and night. In this way, a fresh, safe and available court building is facilitated, in which continuously increasing the well-being of the building users is central. Not only nowadays, but also in the future.

    Curious what Beyond Eyes can do for your building? Please feel free to contact us.

    Beeldmateriaal: Fernando Guerra

    Beeldmateriaal: Fernando Guerra

    Imagery: Fernando Guerra

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