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    A healthy workplace with attention to legionella control is crucial for vitality in the workplace.

    After the launch of Beyond Eyes at the beginning of this year, the smart platform is now expanding further with a partnership with Aqua Assistance. As a legionella specialist, Aqua Assistance is engaged in a wide range of services and products in the field of legionella prevention and clean drinking water. By using sensors and automated flushing machines, it is possible to automate certain legionella control tasks and gain more insights.

    Latest laws and regulations

    An examination of 20,000 water samples from the Legionella expert group of the trade association Envaqua showed that the legionella bacterium was found 11 percent more often in the past year. Because many buildings have not been used or have been used minimally for more than a year, there is an increased risk of legionella. With the use of the AquaSmart sensors and flushing machines from Aqua Assistance, tasks that normally have to be performed manually can be fully automated. In this way, an organization automatically complies with the latest laws and regulations and saves money and time on manual execution of legal management tasks. By automating legionella prevention, it is possible to have much more frequent measurements or flushes, so that the quality and safety of the drinking water for the building users can be better guaranteed.

    Roderick van Kortenhof of Aqua Assistance explains: “Aqua Assistance has more than thirteen years of experience as a legionella specialist, the last ten of which specifically with sensors and intelligent washing machines. At the moment, the AquaSmart sensors from Aqua Assistance can already be found in various hospitals, government buildings, care centers, housing and sports complexes. By adding the service to the Beyond Eyes platform, we can reach even more organizations and offer even more organizations a healthy (working) environment.”

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    BE Vital

    The Aqua Assistance service will be placed under the 'BE Vital' service. BE Vital provides insight into temperature, humidity and the CO2 content in rooms. Sensors monitor whether building users can stay and work under the right conditions. In this way, buildings are optimized into healthy and comfortable working environments that increase the well-being and productivity of building users. The service for legionella prevention and clean drinking water is not included as standard in the purchase of the BE Vital service, but is offered separately.

    “We are very pleased with the addition of Aqua Assistance to the Beyond Eyes platform. Creating a healthy living and working environment for your building users is more relevant than ever. Because many buildings are currently less in use than before, legionella is a very current problem. By automating these kinds of things, you save time, money and you acquire the knowledge by means of data," says Marc de Vreede, Chairman of the Board of Heijmans, Construction & Technology.

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