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    Heijmans and CSU will join forces from 9 February and launch a total solution for smart building management under the name Beyond Eyes. A powerful combination of knowledge and expertise that makes a healthy, comfortable and sustainable (work) environment possible. Thanks to our smart services, a futureproof building is within reach. You can discover all about it on our website: welcome to Beyond Eyes.

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    Your futureproof building

    BeSense brings balance to your building for a healthy and safe environment, Beyond Eyes takes this a step further. This by connecting the use and experience of your building with smart technology, whereby the experience of your building users is central. Reaching beyond the human eye can see. Sensors, data, insights and advice from our experts make it possible. We see where cleaning needs to be done, what the occupancy and utilization of areas is, where air quality must be optimized and energy can be saved. In short, our services act as the smart eyes of your building.

    Beyond Eyes originated from the greater belief that sustainable buildings contribute to a healthier world and care for the well-being of the people who stay there. “Now that many buildings are temporarily unoccupied or minimally occupied, the time has come to invest in solutions that contribute to a safe and healthy environment. The use of buildings is directly linked to their technical management. The valuable insights we obtain with this platform lead to more efficient and sustainable building management, "says Marc de Vreede, Chairman of the Heijmans Construction & Technology Management Board." We expect to further expand the platform in the future to build on a healthy environment for everyone ”.

    The future of work is changing structurally. Buildings are more organized according to the principle of 'activity based working', which looks at the activity that takes place in the building. “There is an increasing demand for integrated smart building solutions. With Beyond Eyes, we make work environments healthy and future-proof. In doing so, we put people first with solutions in an ecosystem of partners. Smart cleaning can be applied through insight into the occupation and activities. Cleaners can work more effectively and the user is more satisfied with a fresh and noticeably clean building. The joining of the forces of CSU and Heijmans ensures a better, smarter and healthier world and that makes us proud, ”says Esmée Ficheroux, member of the CSU Executive Board.

    The services

    The services are suitable for any type of building, such as offices, museums, universities, hospitals, stadiums and other institutions. Beyond Eyes technology and services provide insight into usage and performance and improve and unburden. Beyond Eyes has the ambition to further expand with other services in the future, new partners can easily use the technology.

    • BE Equipped: a safe and well-designed (work) environment appropriate to the activities and use of the building, so that work can be done more efficiently and effectively.
    • BE Vital: a healthy building with a comfortable climate that contributes to the vitality of the users. This results in lower absenteeism and higher satisfaction.
    • BE Clean: easier, faster and more sustainable cleaning based on actual use, so that users experience a hygienic, safe and pleasant feeling.
    • BE Energized: dealing with energy sustainably and responsibly through active energy management and realizing energy savings.
    • BE Safe: focus on smart building management, safe design and actual use. Occupancy, utilization, hygiene and indoor climate in one solution.

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