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    Employees are the driving force behind any organization. In fact, they are the means of production, but at the same time the largest cost item within organizations. It is therefore not for nothing that productivity and satisfaction are important KPIs within many organizations.


    One factor that has a major impact on personnel costs is satisfaction. Satisfaction largely determines an employee's loyalty to an organization. As a result, satisfaction has a major, direct influence on the stability of your organization. Research by TwynstraGudde shows that almost 70% of all employees consider the workplace to be the most important factor. If you want to keep your employees happy, it is therefore important to invest in a good working environment. Or as Erik Boswinkel, director/director of Real Estate at Roessingh, sums it up: “If you take good care of your staff, your staff will also take good care of you.”


    A happy employee is 15% to 20% more productive, according to Trimbos. Productivity can be measured by effectiveness and efficiency. While effectiveness refers to the degree to which an employee is successful in producing a desired result, efficiency refers to the state or quality of employee performance. According to Trimbos, a productivity increase of 1% (with 100 FTE employees) already leads to €95,000 more turnover. The greatest loss of productivity is caused by long-term absenteeism, such as depression and burnout. It is therefore important to monitor the well-being of your employees.

    How do you guarantee both?

    But now the big question is: how do you guarantee satisfaction and productivity within your organization? Collecting data about the use of your property and the experience of employees can help with this. For example, Beyond Eyes' feedback tools provide insight into how well different spaces match the needs of building users. In addition, the Beyond Eyes feedback tool also assesses productivity in relation to the indoor climate. In both cases, attention is not only paid to where things are going well, but above all: where improvements can be made. We dare to put building users first. From healthy and happy to more productive and more turnover. That's what Beyond Eyes believes in.

    Curious about the satisfaction and productivity of your building users? Please feel free to contact us.

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