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    “The advice to work from home is back,” the cabinet reported on 14 July. Contrary to expectations, however, this came as a relief to many, according to the study by the CNV.

    During the period that the advice to work from home was discontinued, more than half of the (former) home workers indicated that they were afraid of a faster spread of the Delta variant in the building. Even 1 in 5 respondents indicated that they did not feel safe against infection in the office. This therefore includes a major appeal to building owners not only to facilitate safe workplaces, but also to give building users the confidence that a workplace is actually safe, healthy and comfortable. Building owners therefore still have a lot to do in this regard.

    The big question now is: how do you, as a building owner, ensure that your building is ready for a safe return when the advice to work from home expires again? And equally important: how do you give your building users the confidence that their working environment is really safe?

    In addition to providing a safe workplace, having a healthy indoor climate is just as essential. In addition, the ventilation of rooms is necessary to displace the corona virus. The 'aerosols', small droplets in the air, play an important role in this. Because there is a direct relationship between CO2 and aerosols, it is important to measure this continuously and in real time. After all, the higher the CO2 value, the greater the aerosol load, so measures are needed, such as ventilation or adjusting ventilation options in the building differently. Providing fresh air has recently been added to the list of basic measures that the cabinet will continue to draw attention to.

    In the infographic below, we take you step-by-step through how you can prepare your building and building users for a safe return.

    Would you also like to know how your building can offer a safe, healthy and efficient working environment? Get the Back to Work Check done. Please feel free to contact us.

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