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    Together you can do more than alone. Beyond Eyes therefore works closely with a number of interesting companies. One of our partners is DerksdenBoer. We spoke to Iris and Chanthal, the founders of DerksdenBoer interior architecture, and asked them three questions about our collaboration and the office of the future.

    1. What makes our cooperation so strong: where do we complement each other?

    “Together we look at what is needed to allign the use of a building and the wishes of the users as well as possible. The strength here lies in combining our expertise from different angles. Where we at DerksdenBoer are specialized in design, Beyond Eyes adds with its smart technology, advice and implementation. For example, the occupation and utilization of buildings is mapped by means of smart sensors. In addition, the experiences and needs of all employees are analyzed by means of a feedback tool. Our collaboration makes it possible to bring this together in a all-in-one solution in which the customer and the well-being of building users are central. This all-in-one solution ensures that buildings not only function well in a current environment, but can also anticipate the changing needs of employees. ”

    2. Why did you choose to collaborate with Beyond Eyes and not another party?

    “Because we both have a very practical approach. In this way, we both strive for the maximum achievable within the possibilities. In addition, the human side is of great importance. This without bein unrealistic or forgetting about the budget. An idea is a first step, but it should also be feasible. That is why we look very critical at our designs and Beyond Eyes also checks realistically at what is possible in terms of budget and in the technical field. In addition, we both have a strong will to realize the ambition. That is why our coperation feels so good."

    3. What do you think the future workplace will look like

    “This will differ per company, but we see that offices are becoming a kind of meeting spot. At the same time, there must also be spaces available where you can work in silence. Facilitating a greater diversity of (work) places is very important, but so is bringing the corporate identity in housing. This is because if we are less present in the office, we can also become more removed from the corporate culture. It is precisely propagating the identity of a company that is very valuable to maintain the bond with the company.

    In addition, we notice that there are also trends, such as the "new way of working". This stems from the desire to work activity-based, which is why it is important to continuously monitor the work process. This also offers the possibility to have the interior and all desired facilities change as organically as possible in line with the wishes of the users. It may be that an interior works very well now, but that after a while it turns out that other rooms are needed. That is why we like to remain involved after the implementation in order to be able to anticipate the changing trends in the workplace. ”

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