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    Taboos are broken and the discussion is faded, which is all due to an optimal occupancy rate

    Carlien Meijs location manager OLVG Spuistraat

    Security can also see at a glance which rooms are still occupied during the final round

    The Spuistraat, location of the OLVG hospital, functions as an important branch for Amsterdammers living in the center. As much care as possible is provided here on a few square meters. The spaces are flexibly arranged and also in such a way that almost any specialism can use them. This seemed to result in full occupation and utilization, but manual research by location manager Carlien Meijs yielded a different picture. “Where spaces seemed to be 100% claimed, in practice this sometimes turned out to be only 50%. This while there were complaints about a lack of space and also a growing need for additional buildings”

    Floors coordinated


    “When OLVG's Prinsengracht location was closed and sold, we had to look for a new location. The request from GPs, municipality and residents was to stay in the center, to provide secondary care close to primary care. ” Carlien Meijs about the current location: “Fortunately we were able to meet the demand; We have now been living in this old school building on Spuistraat for more than five years, where only outpatient care is provided on weekdays. The OLVG is located on the ground floor and third floor, the other floors are rented to general practitioners, a midwifery practice, physiotherapy center, home care, a mensendieck practice, pharmacy and more independent care providers. All in all, this ensures a wide range of multi-line care in one “house” and short lines and waiting times for patients. There are meeting rooms and lunch on the top floor.

    The spaces were originally divided according to demand: specialists could fill in the agenda for the whole year, ”says Meijs. “Everyone always experienced a lack of space and there was a lot of discussion about this for a long time. I had a strong suspicion that it was different and my manual analysis indeed showed that it was not so bad in practice. For example, it turned out that some specialisms used the claimed spaces only 60% of the time. Then they booked a consultation room for a meeting every week for the whole year, which was then canceled regularly. As a result, the space on that part of the day was occupied on paper, but in practice it was regularly empty. I also discovered that there was considerable understaffing on Wednesdays and Fridays.”

    Faster insight for security means less walking

    Meijs needed a system that could support her analysis, also towards the Board of Directors, and that could help optimize the occupancy rate. The location manager came to Beyond Eyes and opted for the Be Equipped service with Essentials service. Initially, 9 sensors were started to measure the actual occupancy and utilization. This has now been expanded to 20 sensors for a period of one year and the security also works with this system.

    “Since the arrival of Beyond Eyes, the occupancy rate has improved enormously: it is now immediately clear to all users where a space is available, even if they need it spontaneously. Personalized dashboards make this possible for all specialists. We started the trial a bit later because of Corona and therefore only for three months on the ground floor. The capacity measurement quickly yielded advantages: the dashboard is simple and accessible, the search for spaces calmed down, which also resulted in less hassle and irritation. All in all, a lot of holy houses have been broken for the better. And you can imagine that it is now a lot more convenient for security to have an overview of the occupancy on the dashboard. That makes the final round on the various floors easier and faster. They now have to walk back and forth less because they can see at a glance whether a room is 'green' and therefore empty. "

    Short lines of communication with Beyond Eyes

    The results are evident for the OLVG Spuistraat. During the conversation, Meijs also takes a look at the future: “The current subscription period is one year, but I already see two expansion options: for the other care providers / tenants in this building and OLVG-wide for implementation at the West and East. The latter needs more time, but in these times of working from home I see opportunities. Insight at home, on personal dashboards on the telephone, ensures a better and safer distribution and use of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms. In this way you place the responsibility with the employees and that works best in my opinion. ”

    She concludes: “Speaking of implementation of the system: the simplicity and speed of it was really nice. The wireless network also runs securely outside our own network, which logically arose questions from the OLVG Real Estate department, for example. Fortunately, my contact person at Beyond Eyes is quickly available and always willing to think along or explain matters. In that respect, we really do it together, to ultimately achieve better management of the spaces on all floors of our location. ”

    750 m²
    750 m²

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