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    “Manage cleaning properly by doing at the right time, the right place and with the right materials.”

    Cleaning frequency according to usage

    An attractive holiday destination with extremely satisfied guests. That is what holiday park Roompot aims to be. For this reason, Beyond Eyes launched a pilot to optimise the cleaning process at Roompot Kijkduin. After all, clean public areas such as toilets, dressing rooms and showers are key for a pleasant stay. This requires efficient cleaning, in other words, there where it is needed. How do you arrange this?

    First, to answer the last question: for instance, by installing sensors in the sanitary buildings which measure the occupancy rate and usage of those areas. And by asking guests who have visited those areas if they were satisfied with the cleanliness. The combination of sensor data and guest satisfaction measurements (throughout the day) enabled cleaning company CSU to immediately improve their cleaning service.

    So, sensors are used to measure the occupancy and usage of sanitary buildings at the holiday park. We connected and analysed data collected by 38 sensors to optimise the park’s cleaning schedules and routing. With the aim of: bringing the cleaning process in line with the actual usage of areas.

    Sensors measure usage


    At the same time, these data serve as input for precise cleaning routes in the accompanying cleaning app. This app will provide real-time insight – on every device - into which areas need to be cleaned, the best time to do so and which sanitary amenities need to be restocked. As a result, there will more balance between the amount of time and energy spent on crowded areas and those areas which are used less (and therefore do not need to be cleaned as often).

    The cleaning app also shows what work needs be done: dusting, mopping or wiping. It also indicates the cleaning frequency for areas which are used more or less than average. And to conclude, a cleaner can use the app to report malfunctions or other unusual circumstances. Enabling the facilities department to immediately follow-up on such reports.

    The right time, the right place and effective use of materials enables you to control cleaning. As a result, CSU cleaning staff will also have more time for any hospitality-related tasks. In addition, they can respond on demand to (changing) users’ needs. This way, BE Clean optimises the cleaning of public buildings at Roompot Kijkduin and leads to a better guest experience and a higher level of guest satisfaction. Mission completed.

    12 months
    12 months
    Sanitary buildings
    Sanitary buildings

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