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    Taking care of vitality and health means taking care of absenteeism and results; this way wellbeing positively impacts the level of commitment and (lower) personnel costs.


    Innovative technology and unlocking data in one personal dashboard, together with our experts’ advice and optimum support provides you with insight into your building’s performances and results in efficient and optimal utilisation.


    A smart, healthy and safe building helps your company achieve its targets and helps to create a more sustainable world

    "We believe everyone is entitled to a sustainable, healthy and safe (work) environment. We create such an environment with smart buildings. This way, our bundle of technology, data, insights, advice and optimum support contributes to a better world and people’s happiness."


    Want to know how our services can help with smarter buildings, happier people and a better world? We'd love to help you.

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    Key KPIs: Productivity and Satisfaction

    Employees are the driving force behind any organization. In fact, they are the means of production, but at the same time the largest cost item within organizations. It is therefore not for nothing that productivity and satisfaction are important KPIs within many organizations.

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    Back To Work Check: Ready for reopening?

    “The advice to work from home is back” the cabinet reported on 14 July. Contrary to expectations, however, this came as a relief to many, according to the study by the CNV.

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    Top 3 facility trends: Facility pioneering

    The corona virus turned the whole world upside down. Also the business world. After the corona crisis, the office will be given a completely different interpretation and working from home appears to be here to stay. Therefore it is not for nothing that facility managers are changing course today. They are in a continuous search for the best solution for working from home, online meetings and the 1.5 meter office. We will take through the top 3 facility trends for 2021 from the Facility & Workplace Market Research and tell you how our integrated services can help you to respond to these trends.

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